As summer drifted into autumn - at times it was hard to tell - I headed off to North Norfolk once again followed very quickly by a trip to Mid Wales. In Norfolk I came across a Great Grey Shrike-a first for me and the 'spring' tide spectacle at Snettisham, another first and a very spectacular one too. My trip to Wales was totally owl based - unless you count mice !
Take a look at the pics and hopefully enjoy.

For the record I am using Canon equipment, a 1DX and a 7D mark2. I have a variety of lenses including the EF 300mm f2.8,the EF 70-200 f2.8, the EF 100-400 f4.-5.6, the 24-70 f2.8 and the EF 17-40 f4.

I can't move on without thanking my lurcher,Alfie,he provides me with inspiration and support at all times without ever criticising the stuff I produce.............Thanks Alfie !
I loved this Long Eared beauty.


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The Images

Mid Wales & Norfolk (yet again)
(Contains 20 photos)
Mid Wales was not a great trip, providing poor value for money. The barn owl ( 1 of 4 birds ) especially was in a strange mood and not ready to pose. Overall I felt that the day was designed for beginners but not billed as such. The flash set up saved the day for me.
North Norfolk had a good mix of people from the very,very serious to those who were there merely for the company. The area,as always,provided us with some excellent opportunities especially the 'spring' tides at Snettisham with thousands of birds in the air together.
St.Aidan's in full bloom
(Contains 23 photos)
It's been a fabulous spring and summer at the wetlands called St.Aidans in South Leeds. Bordering Methley,Swillington and Allerton Bywater and also ( according to the builders who are building houses there) Great Preston, this is a reclaimed open cast mining site. It already has a wonderful array of wildlife and you do feel there's more to come.
Thanks a Mullion
(Contains 19 photos)
In early June I was back on Mull - the wife came this time - and we had a marvellous time. Saw all sorts of species but the otter sightings were on the rare side. Met a lovely lady, Jacqui and her old man Mike. They run tours of this lovely island and take you to all the best spots for wildlife and they feed you as well !
Norfolk calls me back again
(Contains 19 photos)
A county bursting with wildlife of all sorts of species. From the Brown Hare I did with a great lad - Simon Litten, pity he supports Wolves !
to the birds of Sculthorpe Moor near Fakenham. A marvellous trip all in all and the mussels are something else altogether.
Damp in Dumfries - 2106
(Contains 17 photos)
A trip to the excellent hides Of Alan McFadyen. Despite the mud the birds 'flocked' in and for me the Sparrowhawk took centre stage with the Jay close behind.
Spring comes early-2016
(Contains 14 photos)
The mild but wet winter has meant that the birds were all ready for spring very early.
Normanton Camera Club-2016
(Contains 3 photos)
I had a really excellent time at my home club, Normanton CC, in the 2016 Annual Exhibition.
Once more to Mull
(Contains 16 photos)
Pursuit of the Sea Eagle is only successful with the right pilot and Martin Keivers of Mull Charters is that man. He knows exactly where to be and when and armed with his knowledge and his lovely wife Judiths tuna sandwich ( for me not the eagles)you really shouldn't miss.
A Diving Kingfisher
(Contains 17 photos)
There is no more beautiful or indeed thrilling sight than a Kingfisher diving into water to obtain food for itself and it's young brood. I am delighted with this set of images which I feel captures something of the privilege of being there with this bird.
The British Wildlife Centre
(Contains 20 photos)
This Centre in the Surrey countryside specialises in British wildlife and they have an unrivalled collection of birds and animals. Of all the mammals I saw I was most taken with the smallest-the Harvest mouse. What a little darling.
The Kestrel
(Contains 18 photos)
Some lovely shots of a female kestrel working hard to feed her family. This includes one hungry and aggressive youngster who can't wait for her to return to the nest. Hope you enjoy as I did when taking the shots.
Travels to Northumberland
(Contains 20 photos)
Made a journey to Northumberland and over the border into Scotland - hardly makes me a Reiver I know - but it was enjoyable. The highlight was a trip in a tiny fishing boat out to the Bass Rock where Britains most athletic birds - the gannets dive for fish.
North Yorkshire
(Contains 19 photos)
I have recently enjoyed two early mornings with Simon Philpotts in North Yorkshire. I actually lost count of the different species we saw but if it's birds you want then Simon is definitely your man-see Wild Dales Photography for details.
One of our rarest species
(Contains 24 photos)
The Black Necked Grebe is in very short supply nationwide at the moment. However the ones I located were very happy in their surroundings and had already begun breeding.
My successful 'D' Panel at the PAGB
(Contains 15 photos)
Putting together a panel of 15 prints can be very daunting when you get down to it. We all believe we've got enough images until it comes to assembling them and thats when the doubts begin to surface. However I squeezed home in Dumfries and I am very pleased that I achieved this landmark.
Crested Tits
(Contains 10 photos)
It's strange but true that although the Crested tit is prevalent in the pine forests of Scotland it rarely wanders very far from home. The kindest description I've seen is 'very sedentary' - some might say blooming lazy !
Bearded tits
(Contains 13 photos)
A most beautiful and often elusive little bird. Although it is moving north at times I captured my images in Norfolk. When it comes to shooting birds it is very simply the best place to be - for me !
The North Norfolk coast
(Contains 12 photos)
In my humble opinion one of the very best places to see and photography wild birds. Many species are seen only here whilst others are best seen here.
For the love of Sport
(Contains 19 photos)
Despite the fact that I have concentrated on wildlife for the past couple of years I still love photographing sport. See here images from Oulton Raider (Rugby League),Cadwell Park motor cycle racing,Carlton Athletic Football club and Kinsley Greyhound Stadium
A tiny flock of gold
(Contains 13 photos)
North Norfolk is a marvellous site for wee birds and the like and the day we came across a flock of Bearded Tits was blood tingling to say the least. I am really a sports fan masquerading as a wildlife spotter but by gum it's a terrific day out with a camera.
North to the Cairngorms
(Contains 17 photos)
It's the ultimate wildlife experience in Britain,the Cairngorms in winter. A great experience and teeming with species not seen elsewhere, like both the Crested tit and the Mountain Hare. Cold but brilliant.
The Red Deer of Studley Royal
(Contains 12 photos)
An early start saw my companion and I into the park before dawn but even though we were greeted by a lovely misty morn there was precious little action until the mist had burned off and the sun was rising. Then we came across a quite magnificent Red Stag and his harem of around 20 hinds. He was determined to protect them and to see off any potential intruders and he made a marvellous job of it. See the pictures for the evidence.
The beautiful Osprey and others !
(Contains 19 photos)
I have just got back from Aviemore in the Cairngorms where I photographed the iconic Osprey. I was with a small group at the Rothiemurchus Fishery where the birds hunt four trout or any other fish they can get. A marvellous experience which I would repeat without hesitation.
Gone to the Dogs !
(Contains 17 photos)
Must thanks everyone at Kinsley Dog Track for their kindness on my recent visits. I had fancied 'going to the dogs' for some time but I can assure you the technique required needs a lot of thought. These little blighters move like the wind and finding the right spot is often the biggest decision you will make.
Great times at Gigrin
(Contains 17 photos)
Gigrin farm in Mid Wales is a terrific place to see Red kites. This iconic raptor is fed everyday of the year and the farm provides hides for viewing the spectacle. Many thanks to Chris Gomersall for all his help and invaluable tips on the day to enhance the experience.
Red squirrels galore
(Contains 18 photos)
The ever willing Red Squirrel is an absolute delight to photography. They run and fly through the air in
an utterly fearless manner - and all to find a hazel nut. They seem to have little fear of much around them and I am very grateful to Simon Phillpotts of Wild Dales Photography for his never ending patience and help.
Red Squirrels
(Contains 20 photos)
Perhaps the cutest and most revered of all our small mammals -(ok so the otter features in there as well) you have to look hard and in the right places nowadays in order to get a good sighting of these pretty little creatures. These were shot in North Yorkshire in October 2013.
The 'King' of birds
(Contains 11 photos)
What a privilege to get up close and almost personal with a kingfisher. An iconic little bird that everyone-except the fish of course-loves to bits.